Guide To Our Theme Nights!

Are you prepared for our theme nights? If not, we got you covered!

  • Our first theme night is Rhinestone Cowboy on Sunday, Nov 17. That’s the night everyone gets fancy for dinner. We added a little country flare to make it fun! Ladies, pack your blinged-out boots, hats and big jewelry! Fellas, add some cowboy boots and a hat – makin’ all the ladies stop and stare!
  • Our second theme night is ‘MERICA on Monday, Nov 18. This is a tradition at CCMF so we had to bring it on the ship! We want to see a sea of Americana – bathing suits, hats, towels, drinks, etc!
  • Our final theme night is Lei’d Back on Wednesday, Nov 20. Let’s bring out those grass skirts and coconut bras, ladies – or guys! Grab a drink from a pineapple, coconut, you name it!

If you need some help with ideas or you still aren’t sure what we’re talking about, we made Pinterest boards for each theme night!

The fun thing about these are all the chances to win awesome cruise prizes! We’re talking behind the scenes tours with Big Sexy, meet and greets, Cheers! packages and even, tickets to Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach, SC this June 2020!

So, study these Pinterest boards and go all out! Have fun with these because the crazier, the better! See y’all real soon!